An Introduction to SP Direct: Improving the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaign By Integrating Digital Marketing Services


Many marketing professionals believe that the height of direct mail is behind us. As key industry leaders in commercial printing, we strongly disagree.

It should be noted, the United States Postal Service strongly believes that the potential and innovation of direct mail is still unmatched.

At this time, reports show that consumers are reading direct mail more than ever.

Nonetheless, direct mail is still overlooked. Companies are not investing in direct mail as often as before. Instead, marketers are allocating a hefty portion of their budgets to digital.

This gap provides businesses, just like yours, with an opportunity to gain the attention and loyalty of a target audience with little interference from competitors.


In today’s world, direct mail has the ability to drive customers to take action at any point in the buyer’s journey.

According to Mailmen, marketing mail is kept in a household for an average of 17 days. The long shelf life of direct mail may be due to the fact that recipients finally having the choice of how and when they read brand content.

Print pulls high response rates.

The response rate for direct mail is 9% with a house list. For those in the retail industry, 60% of catalog recipients visit the website of a company that sent them a catalog.

Additionally, direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail.

With results like that, direct mail is an essential part of the marketing mix.


Source: Fabrik Brands


USPS conducted proprietary research that explores a dynamic approach to direct mail.

By implementing an aligned digital marketing strategy with the direct mail campaign, marketers saw 40% conversion rates when the strategies were combined.

The research also shows that 68% of marketing research respondents say the combination of digital and direct mail increases their website visits. In addition, another 60% of respondents shared that the alignment increases the marketer’s return on investment.

By aligning these two channels, your business will utilize an omnichannel campaign that will allow its campaign to further increase its ROI.

Unquestionably, the goal is to grow your brand visibility and attract new prospects across all their personal devices.

It’s time you align your print direct mail campaign with a digital retargeting strategy.

This is where we come in.


Introducing…SP DIRECT!

We have officially launched a new direct mail digital integration platform that will allow our clients to quantify the results and determine the ROI for all their direct mail campaigns.

This marketing-based solution tracks the effectiveness of our customers’ direct mail campaigns and displays real-time data on a customized, cloud-based dashboard.

Moreover, it provides solutions for the challenges that center around direct mail as an offline marketing channel by integrating digital retargeting capabilities.

SP Direct provides clients with the opportunity to increase the results of their direct mail campaigns by 23-46%.

Our goal is to help you increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

That’s why SP Direct will develop and execute the digital retargeting advertisements aligned with your direct mail campaign.

The advertisements and other key services offered by SP Direct will allow you to gain extremely beneficial demographic data. All campaign results will on hand and updated daily through our cloud-based SP Dashboard.



SP Direct uses 7 key marketing services that align with your direct mail campaign. Learn more here.

  • Socialmatch
  • Mail Tracking
  • Informed Delivery®
  • Online Follow-up
  • Social Follow-up
  • Leadmatch

The customers running direct mail through Solo Printing can now pre-match mailing lists to recipients’ social media profiles. SP Direct can then deliver ads to those recipients before, during, and after sending their direct mailing campaign.

We can turn a single mail piece impression into multiple digital impressions retargeted to our client’s direct mail audience.

By implementing retargeting into your strategy, the percentage of users who return and complete the conversion process increases to 26%!

The SP Direct dashboard reports the unique website visitors, the ad view count, and ad clicks taken by those on the follow-up audience list.

Clients can download the dashboard information and use the campaign data in future campaigns for future retargeting purposes.


So, if you’re interested in enhancing the results of your direct mail campaign, reach out to us!