How Commercial Printing Makes Its Mark In A Digital World

If you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, how many ads do you stumble upon? 50? 75? 100 digital advertisements a day?

Consumers are seeing a high increase in digital advertisements. Now, it’s significantly harder to remember any specific content actually showcased within digital ads.

Let’s name just a few digital marketing disadvantages.

Over-saturation of digital advertisements from other companies


Misleading content

Security/Privacy Issues

Increased price competition


Research shows that print advertising leaves longer-lasting impressions in comparison to email and social advertisements.

According to a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, 82% of internet users are more trusting of print ads when it comes to placing an actual purchase.

A digital marketing strategy needs the complementary power of print marketing to close in on potential customers.

Print Marketing is a widely successful channel that your company should be occupying. It will allow you to reach your target audience where they are – home and the workplace.

According to Golden Mailer, almost 80% of consumers immediately take action on printed direct mail advertisements in comparison to the 45% who take action on digital advertisements. Print is far from dead!


Find a commercial print provider (like Solo) that prints, fulfills, and mails thousands of marketing materials. Use these providers to print and ship marketing materials directly to the mailing list of your target audience. 

Here are some things to know.

Commercial Printing is a print process produced at large scales for B2B client projects.

Commercial Printing includes lithography, letterpress, digital printing, and screen printing.

Offset Printing, a form of lithography, is the go-to service for attaining the highest-quality print products available. It prints almost 51K impressions per hour.

Offset Printing’s innovative technology creates a seamless, cost-efficient print production process that will save your business time and money. 


Commercial Printing is a part of our daily lives.Commercial Printing in a Digital World

It’s responsible for the millions of magazines, catalogs, books, brochures, and postcards that get distributed every year around the world.

It allows companies to implement a tangible form of marketing that better attracts their customers. 

Print marketing tools increase company credibility, grab consumers’ attention for longer periods of time, and are statistically proven to drive action.

“When print and digital advertising work synergistically, results can be dramatic.” Source: Media Space Solutions

Solo Printing provides 35 years of expertise. Trust that as our client you will receive the best customer service and product results available.