‘Tis the season to drive holiday sales! Do you have your direct marketing plan printed and ready for the holidays?

direct marketingThe holiday season is right around the corner.

With holidays like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas quickly approaching, companies should begin getting their incentives tangibly in front of their ideal consumers.

Did you know that quarter 3 and 4 tend to have the highest engagement and responses when it comes to business marketing? It’s true! It’s time for your company to utilize the holiday season by sending out festive, direct mail campaigns with offers that will have customers choosing your product or service over your competition.


Need some tips on how to get started with your holiday direct marketing campaign? This blog post has you covered.


Keep in mind, holiday shoppers differ from the average shopper. They are more likely to be searching for a specific product/service and will most likely purchase that said product/service on their very first site visit. Price and inventory drive these consumers. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your ideal customer is aware of what you have, what the price point is, and where they can find it.

The best way to do this? By creating holiday tailored catalogs, coupon postcards,and festive, oversized direct mail collateral.

Solo Printing is here to make this part a simple process. You create the design, provide us with your target address audience, and we print and ship them off straight to your potential and current customers’ mailboxes right before the holidays.


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Below are a few easy tips that will help you get started:


Make it colorful and FESTIVE! Almost all consumers are excited about the upcoming holidays. Use your direct mail piece to get them excited and visually interested in your business.

Make it BIG with oversized direct mail! This will help divert customers’ attention to your offer and help them remember your business.

It’s all about loyalty! You can help increase your ROI by sending holiday mail to your current customers.

Spike interest by incentivizing with offers. During the holidays, consumers are in search of the best price point. Let your marketing print piece be a constant reminder to choose your product/service over the competitor.

Don’t forget about discounts after the holidays! Create After Season Shopping direct mail opportunities. Holiday shoppers haven’t stopped just because Christmas is over. In-store returns and holiday sales will keep your ideal consumer coming back for more.

Lastly, try and combine your Direct Mail campaign with your email marketing. That way, you’ll hit your consumer in key channels by giving your holiday campaign a lift with email reminders.


It’s important to remember that direct mail is a huge impact between moving from the consideration stage to the customer making an actual purchase from your company.  Building loyalty for your business through direct mail campaigns is vital during the holiday season.

So, our recommendation? Get started! You’ll want to reach your ideal consumer in their decision making stage. That way, your direct mail campaign can influence them into purchasing your product/service during the holiday season.


Want to learn more? Check out our print services and mailing/shipment fulfillment today. It’s time to get your holiday direct marketing campaign in front of your audience.