We understand that the bindery is the backbone of the printing industry. At Solo, our fully automated bindery equipment allows us to handle just about any job or campaign you aspire to create. From cutting and folding to stitching and perfect binding, all services are handled under one roof to ensure efficiency and highest quality possible.

The latest addition to our bindery department reinforces our dedication to book, catalog, and magazine publishers. Our Kolbus Publica KM-412 makes Solo Printing a one-stop shop for publishers and provides a faster, more efficient service. With its high automation, signature recognition cameras, and various adhesive options the printing possibilities are endless. In addition, Solo Printing provides a more cost-effective service for its customers because of the rapid make-ready times that increase our production rates.

Another recent addition is our Bograma BS Rotary 550 Servo Die-Cutter with Folding and Gluing System. With our new rotary die cutter, the capabilities and intricacy of diecut and folded pieces are endless, even for the most complex shapes and dies.

We are a full-service bindery with services and binding types that include:


Unsure of which binding type is right for your project? Below is some general information on some of our full-service binding solutions:

Our full-service bindery services in Florida have the ability to execute a large number of units per hour, which is perfect for any job size.



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Full-Service Bindery- Which Type is Right For Your Project?

Full-Service Bindery

You’ve put sweat and tears into your project and now it is ready to be published.  Which type of full-service bindery is right for such a labor of love?  There are several binding services and finishes to consider for your project.

You want a bindery service that will produce the result you have been envisioning – the final physical embodiment of your hard work done over months, even years.  The goal is perfection in publishing and that’s what you deserve!

Whether it’s your first novel, a cookbook with your grandma’s favorite recipes, or your guide to stamp collecting for dummies, you want it to look professional and be durable.

Read on to learn about the different types of full-service bindery options Solo Printing can provide you with.

What Can A Full-Service Bindery Do For Your Project?

The bindery is the backbone of the printing industry.  At Solo Printing, we have the ability to professionally finish virtually any type of project under the sun.  If you envision it, we can most likely produce it.

We have the equipment, the experience, and a keen eye for detail to make your project “pop”!  Our latest addition to our bindery department ensures our team’s dedication to book, catalog, and magazine publishers.  With its high automation, signature recognition cameras, and numerous adhesive options, Kolbus Publica KM-412 makes Solo Printing a one-stop shop for publishers and provides them with a quick and efficient service.  This high-performance binder offers an astonishing array of options to suit your needs, large or small.

We provide our customers with cost effective services and rapid production rates.  Our bindery can fulfill a large project order for your business or serve your individual needs by producing your latest best seller.  This puts us a step above any other printing service in Florida.

What Types Of Binding Services Do We Offer?

Solo Printing offers a wide variety of binding and finishing options for customers:

  • Perfect Bound and Saddle-Stich
  • Wire-O and Plastic Coil
  • Automatic Folding and Binding
  • Paper Bundle
  • Kit Assembly
  • Die Cutting
  • Tabbing
  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Foil Stamping
  • Ink Jetting
  • And Polybag Folding

Solo Printing has the ability to produce almost any project you can imagine.  With our team’s experience, our state-of-the-art equipment, and attention to detail, makes us stand out from the rest in our industry.  If you’re not sure which binding type is best for your project, below is some information about our full-service binding solutions that may help you decide.

  • Perfect Bound
    • Using our Kolbus KM 600 is a great choice for book, catalog, and magazine publishers
    • Pages are glued together using a hot melt or polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesive
    • There is a front cover with a smooth, printable binding edge
    • The picture-perfect method for soft cover books and journals
    • Advantages of perfect bound are strength and durability
  • Saddle-stitched
    • Typically used to bind together a small number of pages (i.e., a booklet)
      • 48 pages or fewer is the best advice
    • Staples are used alongside the edge of your book
    • Our newly installed Muller martini stitchery machines increase efficiency and result in a more cost-effective option for customers
  • Folding
    • We offer both inline and offline folding methods
    • With a number of options available, we are able to produce almost any fold imaginable
    • Folding is most commonly used for brochures and other similar projects
  • Coil binding
    • Uses spiral coils that are shaped like a spring to hold pages together
    • Durable, flexible, and cost-effective
    • Pages can freely turn 360 degrees due to the rounded shape of the coils
    • Media lays completely flat when opened
    • Commonly used for calendars, journals, instruction manuals, and similar projects

Your Best Choice For A Full-Service Bindery 

Our full-service bindery services at Solo Printing have the ability to execute a large number of units per hour, making us the best choice for any job size you may have.

Do you still have questions about your project and the many options we offer for full-service bindery?

Contact Solo Printing for full-service Printing & Binding Services for your next printing project.  We service all across the Eastern coast of the U.S. in cities ranging from Atlanta to New York City. When you work with Solo Printing, you can trust you’ll be pleased with the final result of your printing and binding project!