Growth at Solo:  The Story of Brothers, Luis and Jonathan. 

At Solo Printing, we recognize that our greatest achievement is our employees. We would not be where we are without their hard work and dedication – day in and day out.  

In this blog post, we will talk about brothers, Luis and Jonathan, who started working at Solo Printing over a decade ago. Learn how they’ve grown, honed new skills, and began operating in their own departments. 

It’s our goal to nurture and teach those we employ. We want them to grow and build their careers because enabling and rewarding our employees is a major key to our success. We are actively seeking candidates with ambition and a desire to learn the art of the printing industry. 

Luis Rodriguez 

Luis Rodriguez joined Solo Printing in December of 2009. He was hired as an apprentice in the sheetfed printing press department.  At this time, he began learning the entirety of the sheet-fed process allowing him to become what we call a Feeder. 

A feeder is the position that prepares the paper that will be used in the upcoming print job. Luis would select the paper type for the project based on the production specifications, which includes the thickness and size. He would also help the sheet-fed pressman clean the blankets and maintain the levels of ink in the trays.  

After a few years, Luis wanted to further his career in print by learning a new skillset.  During this time, we had just opened our die-cutting department and we were looking for an operator! It was Luis’ time to shine. 

He expressed interest in the position, so we decided to begin our training. In just a few months, he became the die-cutting operator in the bindery department. He is fast, dedicated, and very reliable! He is a great asset to the Solo team.

Luis Rodriguez, Die-Cutter Operator

“They treat me like family here. When I started at the company, I started in the sheet-fed [department]. I was able to run the machine as a sheet feeder and then, they gave me the option of working with the die-cutter…Now, I’m the Die-cutter Operator. It’s been great!” 

Luis Rodriguez
Brotherly love! We appreciate all you do.

Jonathan Rodriguez 

Jonathan is the brother of Luis Rodriguez, who encouraged him to apply to Solo! He started in October of 2012. At that time, we were looking to hire a Perfect Bind Operator.  

Perfect Bind operators are responsible for maintaining and operating the machines that bind books, periodicals, and magazines at Solo Printing. They must have technical aptitude, a keen eye for detail, and excellent organizational skills. And we knew Jonathan had all of those skills!

Following our goal to nurture, invest in, and teach those we employ, we decided to send Jonathan to Germany to learn the entire perfect bindery process and train under print tech professionals. In Germany, he trained at the Kolbus factory to fully submerge himself in the perfect bind process. The training is geared toward machine operators and technicians who want to familiarize themselves with the Kolbus systems which includes our Kolbus KM600. 

Jonathan is a wonderful perfect bind operator, just like his brother, Luis! He is dedicated, responsible and always brings great energy to Solo.  

Jonathan Rodriguez, Perfect Bind Operator

“When I go to the grocery store and I go to the cashier and I see all the work we do, like magazines and brochures, it makes me proud of the work we do here at Solo.” 

Jonathan Rodriguez

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Solo Printing offers competitive benefits package for health, dental, vision and life insurance, and eligibility after one year for a company matched 401(k) plan.  

We are actively seeking candidates with ambition and a desire to learn the art of the printing industry. 

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