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Solo Printing is a national, award-winning commercial printing service provider whose purpose is to empower brands and bring an unparalleled worry-free experience to every business from beginning to end, 365 sunny days a year, 24-hours-day! 

It is our vision to excel as the nation’s most trusted leading provider in the printing industry by giving our customers an exceptional experience with quality and reliability through the most diversified talent and innovation. 


Solo Printing is committed to continuous growth and efficient manufacturing. Whether it be skilled professionals, resources, or technology, we understand the importance of investing in our company so that we can produce the highest quality products for our clients. 

And, in 2022 and beyond, we also strive to provide solutions for any new challenges the printing industry and our clients might face.  

Because of this, we have recently invested in three new machines that will help improve the productivity and efficiency within our direct mailing and bindery departments.  

Our mailing department provides the essential final steps for many of our clients’ campaigns. All steps from data processing to inkjetting and tabbing are handled in-house by a Solo Printing team member. This ensures data security while also offering the most efficient turnaround times and competitive pricing. 

So, by investing in two new BlueCrest systems, the Evolujet Digital Printing Press and the BlueCrest Rivaling Insert System, our team will be able to improve operations, automation, and turnaround times. These innovative units will be used for direct mail transactional envelope packages. 

For example, a high volume of #10 sized envelopes with or without a window that contains a personalized letter in it. 

Our Bindery department is also reaching new levels of futuristic innovation with the MBO America CoBo-Stack. The CoBo-Stack is a fully automated robot that will be stationed at the end of a saddle stitcher in our bindery area. It will help off load finished product onto pallet.  

Keep reading to learn more about our new investments! 

Evolujet Printing System 

Evolujet Printing System

We are always looking for ways to improve the production and processing within our facilities. After conducting research on what we believe both our clients and ourselves will need in the foreseeable future, we purchased a new digital inkjet press, the EvoluJet, which became operational mid-September 2022. 

The EvoluJet printing system is a four-color VDP system, cut-sheet printer that provides efficiency, adaptability, and consistency within Solo’s production print and mail environment. 

It works advantageously for full color printing of transactional, trans-promotional and other customer communications while remaining cost-effective for our customers.  

The EvoluJet inkjet printer relies on water-based pigment inks and can process more full-color applications on a single platform. This is a benefit to our clients because inkjet printers produce higher resolutions which makes them capable of printing exceptional, smooth detail in comparison to laser printers using toner.   

Another benefit of the EvoluJet printing system is its cut-sheet workflow which is designed for non-stop operation. This allows both our digital print and mailing department to improve speed and productivity.  

This is a great press for the printing of invoices, sensitive financial data, transactional push messages, and even vote-by-mail ballot printing! This is because the press is ideal for operations that use monochrome or color toner printing technology.  

This press can best benefit clients with monthly print volumes in the 250,000 to 1+ million impression range. They can expect quality, consistent print products at the most cost-effective price. 

More Key Highlights: 

  • Meet SLAs with fast output 
  • Low acquisition and operating costs 
  • Low cost per impression 
  • Move from toner to inkjet technology 
  • Precision output with high quality resolution 
  • Proven, reliable Kyocera inkjet technology 

EvoluJet Productivity Data: 

Impressions per minute 

  • 8.5” x 11”:  146 ipm  
  • 8.5” x 14”:    98 ipm  
  • 11”x17”:       86 ipm  
  • 12” x 18”:     74 ipm   


  • 600 x 600 dpi  
  • 600 x 1200 dpi  

Paper Handling  

  • Minimum: 5.5” x 8.5”  
  • Maximum: 12” x 18”   

Media Types 

  • Uncoated, Inkjet Uncoated, InkJet Matte, Thick, Postcard, Tab*   
  • Weight: 60 – 360gsm  

Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle 

  • 1,000,000 impressions 

Paper Input Capacity 

  • Standard: 8,880 Sheets 
  • Maximum 13,760 Sheets 

PDLs / Emulations 

  • PCL6 (PCL-XL / PCL5c), KPDL3 (PS3), PDF, OpenXPS, XPS, PPML 

BlueCrest Rival Inserting System 

BlueCrest Rival Inserting System

Solo has invested in an easy-to-use, multi-format inserter, the BlueCrest Rival, that reduces labor hours and cost while increasing production capacity as needed. Our new inserter will become operational late September to early October 2022. 

Rival’s inserting system is a scalable, modular platform that works well for both low-volume mailers and mailers which requires more capacity on faster systems. Businesses can use The Rival to handle more letters and flats at busy times without compromising on cost, accuracy, or efficiency. And it’s intelligent material control aids in the prevention of stoppages, downtime, and manual reconciliation. This benefits both our clients and ourselves.  

The Rival is ideal for mailers with monthly peaks, surplus capacity, or tight budgets. It can also be used as an additional system for smaller jobs. This inserting system, which is based on the excellent Mailstream inserting platform, offers exceptional automated technology at a low cost and a reduced physical footprint.  

Each mail piece is processed correctly thanks to precise tracking and monitoring.  

Examples of products: 

  • #10 mailers 
  • 6 x 9 mailers 
  • 8.5 x 11 mailers 

More Key Highlights: 

• The Rival increases service offerings and production capacity by processing letters and flats on a single platform. 

• It handles a wide variety of insert and envelope designs. 

• It is able to perform all common folds, including C, Z, half, double and no fold. 

• The Rival uses integrity scanning (OMR, Barcode, 2D, and OCR) to ensure proper assembly. 

Image Source: BlueCrest

MBO America – CoBo-Stack 

MBO CoBo Stack

With the MBO America CoBo-Stack, which is anticipated to start running in early November, our Bindery department is able to achieve greater output with less setup time and labor. 

The CoBo-Stack is a fully automated robot that will be stationed at the end of a saddle stitcher in our bindery area. It will help off load finished product onto pallet and eliminate labor on the back end of our stitcher. This will automate the bindery by allowing us to operate the equipment with less personnel and placing more employees in areas where needed. 

The MBO CoBo-Stack is entirely autonomous and safe so it does not require a cage. Our robot will help reduce our operator’s physical duties, which then creates opportunity for our operators to perform quality assurance, feeder loading, and new work. Because of this, we can also now have one operator handling two stitchers simultaneously. 

The robot will take stacks of folded signatures from the saddle-stitcher and move them using an automated delivery to a designated pattern on a pallet.  

More Key Highlights: 

  • Short makeready using a simple menu from a handheld tablet device 
  • Pallets can be placed on both sides of the CoBo-Stack allowing uninterrupted production 
  • Optical and acoustical signals show various operating statuses 
  • Can be used on any brand folding machine 
  • Works in conjunction with Palamides alpha series stacking deliveries 
  • RAS Remote Access Router included 
  • Mobile design so it can be used on multiple machines in the facility 

Interested in learning how our new equipment will benefit our services for our clients? Reach out!

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