The Benefits of Variable Printing

Variable data printing (also known as VDP) is a method of digital printing that is growing in popularity due to the power it gives marketers, businesses, and others to customize individual pieces in a larger batch of printed materials. Starting with a standard template, which might include your logo, images, and/or text, variable data printing allows you to use different fields of text or images created specifically for the individual who is to receive the material. VDP has many benefits and have also revolutionized the printing industry.

Personalized Marketing vs. Variable Data Printing

Planning on delivering your personal brand through unique personalized marketing? With VDP, you can add your business’s logo, name, address, and more to just about any printed piece. VDP is also effective, allowing you to adjust background colors, images, and text off the original piece. For example, VDP is perfect for when you’re sending your new customers a personalized welcome card.

Variable Data Printing South Florida
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Impress your prospective clients with personalized coupons through the mail. With variable data printing, it’s easy to switch out names and background images. Prospective clients appreciate personalized direct mail, especially if the mail addresses them by their first or last name.

Advantages of VDP and personalized marketing include:

  • Personalize each message
  • Add unique colors, images, and fonts
  • Quick edits to existing templates – perfect for last minute sales
  • Easily track coupon codes

Examples for when you might need variable data printing services:

  • Large company sending out direct mail campaign to over 3,000 prospective clients
  • Non-profit organizations sending out postcards to current or future donors
  • A new local business sending out coupons to every home in the community
  • Any business looking to gain new clients with unique messages

Reach Your Customers

One of the greatest benefits of VDP is the ability it gives you to reach your customer. When you send someone a generic piece of mail, it has a significantly lower impact than if you send them something that has their name on it, or a map of your brick and mortar location in their city, or a line of text about their most recent purchase from your company. VDP allows you to reach your customers and prospects like never before with information that is relevant to them.

Track Print Ads Like Digital Ads

With VDP, you can put a unique mark on each individual piece, such as a barcode or a coupon code. These codes allow you to keep track of who is engaging with the printed materials, so you can continue delivering quality customer service to that segment, and tweak what you’re doing for other groups. VDP gives you tracking power with your print advertising that many have discounted as something that you can only do online.

Get a Huge ROI

When your prospects feel you are speaking directly to them, they’ll be more likely to engage. VDP has been shown to be twice as effective as standard batch printing at the basic level – for example, addressing the prospect by their first name, with as much as ten times the return on investment when a higher level of specialization is employed. Few methods can get such a big ROI with the elegant simplicity of a good database and quality printing as VDP.

Cultivate Excellent Customer Relationships

VDP gives you the ability to create content that speaks directly to each of your individual customers. Different people want different things from companies they interact with, and VDP gives you greater power to deliver exactly what different groups of customers want. VDP allows you to market directly to their interests, in a way that traditional print advertising has never had the flexibility to allow.

It’s Easy

VDP allows you to provide the most relevant information to your customers and prospects, so no one has to put in extra effort to find your closest location or an accurate phone number. Solo Printing offers variable data printing services, so you can better reach your customers and prospects, track your print ads, and get a great ROI with high quality customized printed materials.

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