The economy is reopening. How are you reaching your customers after COVID-19?

As large and small companies reopen across Florida and the rest of the United States, it is important to re-strategize your marketing plan in order to get your customers back in the know.

It’s time to get busy – it’s time to print.


In this blog post, we will offer several tips to attract customers back to your store, website, and/or social accounts through traditional marketing services like direct mailing and fulfillment.

Let’s get started!




It’s time to hit people at home. Whether you choose brochures, postcards, or product catalogs, COVID-19 has amplified the level of people staying home this year and it’s time to use that to your advantage.


Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional, advertising material. Some of the most common forms of direct mail include brochures, letters, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, postcards, coupon envelopes, and packages.


Direct mail is a huge benefit to companies with a defined target market. With the right message and the right audience address list, your promotional direct mail piece will get right to your ideal customer’s doorstep. Direct mail is efficient because it helps reach potential and current buyers who most likely want or need what you are promoting.


The next step is where we come in. Solo Printing is your one stop solution for all your direct mailing, promotional needs. You make the design and provide the address list, and we do the rest. From printing to shipping, we will quickly and efficiently get you back on track.


Solo Printing offers the highest quality of web, sheetfed, and digital printing as well as direct mailing and fulfillment services. Our services help you target your key audience with a proven strategy. From the print production of brochures and catalogs to the direct mailing of postcards and dimensional mailers, Solo Printing can help you improve your brand recognition and response rate.



Customers want to know you care, especially in times like these.


As Solo Printing continues to print for Fortune 1000 companies, we are seeing a new change in the type of printed content. To help alleviate financial costs on consumers, businesses are beginning to print special discounts for their direct mail marketing collateral. It might be time your company jumps on this too.


Special discounts and “Welcome Back” promotions will aid in inviting customers back to your brick-and-mortar stores and online sites in order to help boost your sales. For the retail industry, almost 90% of their sales in the U.S. are made in their bricks-and-mortar stores. This is why direct mail is essential in physically reaching your target market.


Let our team help you get started. You can read more about Mailing and Fulfillment Services here.



The right message for your direct mail collateral should always include your social media platform handles.




You will be reaching your physical target audience via direct mail promotion, so, why not connect your message to your online target audience and presence as well?


By including your account handles and/or company hashtags, you will be able to efficiently broadcast your social accounts while simultaneously providing your ideal customer with the ability to boost your online traffic and engagement. These boosts will occur once your promotional direct mail piece has reached your target customer’s doorstep.


With all the steps needed to run a business, we know it can be hard to pick where to start. We hope these tips help kickstart the next step for your business.


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Solo Printing hopes you and your loved ones are staying safe. We encourage business owners to prioritize their employees, customers and themselves during these difficult and uncertain times.