Wide-Format Ink Market Is Growing

Imaging industry market researcher Photizo Group suggests that hardware developments will allow the wide-format ink market to expand. Their study shows a potential rise in the number of sales for wide-format ink. Ron Iversen, Photizo Group vice-president of sales and marketing says, “Historically, the wide-format printer business from a hardware standpoint has been quite a slow low-growth market, but what is driving growth in the market is new developments in ink and in the media itself.”

He also added: “What is also driving growth is new development in printhead platforms, a good example being HP’s PageWide technology. The speed of these wide-format printers will increase because of developments in printhead technology.

“These wide-format printers are now going to get into commercial production and take business away from the conventional presses. It means more ink, more media. It is a cycle.”

The report is a detailed one that contains interviews and questionnaires from the key retailers, manufacturers, industry experts and resellers. The bottom line is that in 2015 4.8 million litres of ink were shipped across the world, but that number is set to rise to 6 million by 2020.