If you’re struggling to quantify results and determine your ROI for your direct mail campaigns, we have the solution for your business.

SP Direct is Solo Printing’s direct mail digital integration platform that will provide our partners with the ability to pair standalone marketing services with their direct mail campaigns.

This marketing-based solution:

All of this is done by integrating digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram with your direct mail campaign and target audience.

DID YOU KNOW? 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact with a prospect.

SP Direct aims to add an additional 8 to 16 touches to each direct mail recipient – increasing your results by multitudes.

By partnering the power of direct mail with an aligned marketing strategy, an omnichannel campaign will allow your marketing team to increase your company’s ROI by growing your brand visibility and attracting new prospects across all their personal devices.

We asked ourselves, “What are the most effective channels to integrate direct mail with that will produce the best, possible results for our clients?”

SP Direct uses 7 key marketing services that align with your direct mail campaign.

*Please note: Religious institutions, including catholic universities, are unable to use the Online Follow-up services of SP Direct due to privacy retargeting laws.


With SP Direct, our customers will be able to pre-match their mailing list to social media accounts and then we’ll deliver ads to those people before, during, and after their mailing. Turn a single mail piece impression into multiple impressions with the same target audience.


SP Direct offers more detailed Mail Tracking. It allows our customers to predict and know exactly when their mail pieces are projected to reach their audience’s mailboxes. With Mail Tracking, customers will also receive delivery confirmation down to the per piece level. That way you’ll be able to know the exact percentage of mail that has arrived and what is yet to be delivered. Our reporting platform is even synced with Google Maps. This will significantly boost new calls and online leads!


SP Direct will give you the ability to pair your direct mail campaign with Informed Delivery®. This added service will increase impressions by adding a digital ride along image to your list audience’s gray scale mail piece scans that are already sent to their emails using USPS’s Informed Delivery®. This service helps increase traffic to your website before the mail recipient even sees the tangible direct mail piece in their mailbox.


With Call Tracking, Solo will develop a local or toll-free number for your direct mail campaign. Every call that comes in through that number will then be tracked and recorded. Our customers who use the Call Tracking service will then receive full demographic data on who is calling in – name, address, phone number, device, gender, etc!


A direct mail piece directs prospects to your website. With our Online Follow-Up services, we will be able to retarget your website visitors with digital advertisements (that align with the creative and audience of your direct mail campaign) after they leave your website. With retargeting, the percentage of users who return and complete the conversion process increases to 26%! SP Direct will run these ads, then will use the SP Dashboard to report the number of unique visitors who came to your websites as well as the number of times the ad was viewed and clicked by the people on your follow-up audience list.

Social Media Follow-Up

SP Direct will also retarget your website visitors on Facebook and Instagram with the help of tailored campaign cookies that process audience data. Prospects will see your ad on their newsfeed from any device they log in to! Clients who use this service will have the ability to re-engage their website visitors by reaching them with multiple impressions on their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.


Saving the best for last! With LeadMatch, you will receive a list of those who came to your website from your targeted mailing list and what actions those prospects took on your website. With this data, our clients will be able to create the perfect mailing list built off real data. LeadMatch even provides the ability to mail to unique website visitors who came to a website but were not on the original mailing list.

Allow Solo Printing to help you enhance the results of your direct mail campaigns by an average of 23-46% with SP Direct’s integrated direct mail marketing strategies.

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