Green Printing and Certification

Over 2.47 million trees are cut down every day and used for the paper industry. This is why at Solo Printing we have the highest standard for green printing. As a printing company, it’s important to be aware of current practices that adhere to the harvesting of natural resources in an ethical manner. At Solo Printing, we pride ourselves with our dedication to promoting sustainable forestry practices.

We have certifications from a number of recognized bodies, which include:

FSC: They have certified 380 million acres of forest with 150 million of that in the US/Canada. This certification shows that we go to great lengths to look after our forests.

PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest is our way of giving back to the forests that we use. It’s a non-profit organization that promotes ethical forestry practices so that sustainability is improved.

SFI: Steward Forestry Initiative works with a number of groups to promote the health and well-being of forests. It also promotes good quality forest management within the groups that are responsible.

Our green printing practices are a testament to our devotion to the environment and will ensure that our forests are protected.

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