Use Print Marketing to Garner New Seasonal Hires for Your Business

Over the last two years, the news has centered around the ever-troubling unemployment rates as well as “The Great Resignation.”  This blog will show you how to attract new hires for your business during the holiday season.

Millions of workers around the United States are quitting low paying positions in search of something better.   

New postings on job listing websites have sky-rocketed! Sites, such as Monster and LinkedIn, are completely oversaturated with hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities making it more and more difficult for your job openings to stand out each passing day. 

Source: The Portfolio Collective

How do you attract new hires for the holidays when its already difficult to find employees? 

We have an idea!  

It’s time to get personal with people again. And print can help you do that.

Here are a few tips to make the seasonal hiring process smoother for your business.  

1) Use print marketing to help recruit new and past holiday hires.  

We’ve discussed how print marketing is statistically proven to boost customer retention rates. Print materials also function to help businesses just like yours re-engage with former holiday hires.  

An example? Create a direct mail campaign focused on re-hires. 

Locate your employee database for past seasonal workers. Then, build a contact list based on your past seasonal workers that includes their first names, last names, and addresses. Design eye-catching postcards with positive job incentives to remind them why they should come back again this holiday season. Leave a space for variable data, so that your commercial printer can then personalize each postcard with their names.  

According to the Direct Mail Association, personalized pieces have response rates of about 6%, a 300% increase for non-personalized mail pieces. 

 2) Use positive postcard incentives to inform of new seasonal positions.  

For example, your postcard’s call to action can be that if they call to set up an interview and bring the postcard they received into their interview, they will be offered a substantial signing bonus! 

This example helps you keep track of your ROI while simultaneously encouraging new hires with something that truly benefits them.  

3) Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to find new possible employee opportunities by having USPS deliver to every home in a selected neighborhood. 

Your business can even focus on those who have just moved to a specific zip code area, near your store, who may be looking for jobs.  

4) Distribute flyers around college campuses before the holiday breaks. 

ollege students are perfect for seasonal job opportunities. Many are looking for extra cash during this time along with the possibility of flexible hours and extra shifts. 

Build a field team to distribute flyers and talk about new hiring opportunities around campuses that are within a certain mile radius of your store.  

5) Host or join a job fair and distribute eye-catching brand material along with easy-to-fill forms that will help boost visibility for your job opportunities as well as speed up the hiring process.  
6) Create a pop-up “hiring” booth in front of your store with printed job applications, postcard promo incentives, posters, and company brochures so that you can boost productivity when you need it most.  
7) Get your current employees involved! 

Print and distribute employee referral flyers that offer an incentive upon receiving a new hire. Finding new talent is difficult. When it comes to filling job vacancies, current employees’ word-of-mouth marketing combined with an opportunity for a personal incentive will help build traction when filling vacancies at work.  

Looking to create a print marketing campaign for your holiday hirings? 
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